My Leak Analysis Service enables rapid computerized determination of a pool's water loss. It measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, enabling leaks to be identified in as little as 15 minutes. My equipment is so sensitive that it will measure changes in water level due to evaporation! My program ensures 100% accurate results graphed out to you in an easily readable report. With all the guesswork now eliminated from the leak detection process, we are able to reach a price much more affordable than traditional leak detection techniques.

​Realtors: I Provide Leak Status Certifications for your properties with pools. You can make this certificate/report available to potential buyers to take out the 'fear' of purchasing a house with a leaking pool. A standard leak detection test is maybe 70% accurate at best and is very costly. My report will state with 100% accuracy that the pool has been certified as leak free at the time of test. In addition I offer a complete and thorough inspection service for the pool and pool equipment.

 Offer a pool school to your buyer given personally by me. New pool owner education is helpful in taking the 'jitterbugs' out of purchasing a house with a pool. There is often times a fear of buying a house with a pool, as many see them as money pits, I am able to quell these concerns. The more comfortable the buyer feels the more likely he won't use the pool as a reason not to purchase your property.

Rental Property Owners - A leaking pool and a tenant not educated on what is proper water loss can not only be costly but detrimental to nearby decking, landscaping and house foundation. Let me test your rental pools so you can be proactive in stopping a potentially expensive repair. 

Pooldoc Leak Detection & Underwater Repair BBB Business Review